Photogaraphy is a hobby for me, not busines. I am using this site as a way to share the beauty of the natural world and promote its conservation.

My passion is getting outdoors and communing with the natural world. My free time is spent at local wildlife refuge, some other natural place. When I am running around in nature I am planning a trip or wishing I was there. It is how feed my spirit.

Photography is my way of capturing special places and moments and sharing them with others. Every place has something special, so I rarely venture into the wild without a camera. I find beauty in the details and contrast. I am constantly searching for details in wildlife and flowers. The more intricate the detail revealed in the subject the happier I am. When it comes to landscapes, sunsets, and sunrises I am looking for splashes of color. Flowers in mountain meadows and reflections in mountain lakes are my favorite landscape subjects.